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President Alvi warns hospitals could run out of facilities if COVID cases rise

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ISLAMABAD, April 30: President Arif Alvi on Friday warned that if the cases continue to escalate, hospitals will not be able to cope with COVID patients.

In a video message shared from the official Twitter handle, the president said COVID-19 had wreaked havoc in the region and that Pakistan’s affairs had exceeded 5,000, with a record increase in COVID deaths.

“If this growing trend continues, the situation will get out of the hands of hospitals,” he said, urging people to follow the teachings of the Prophet.

Arif Alvi said that Muslims should take precautionary measures to remain steadfast in times of trial. He said, “Wear masks during Ramadan, Taraweeh, Yoham Ali and Eid.”

He said that people should take strict precautionary measures as the public and private sectors do not have enough resources to deal with epidemics.

It is pertinent to mention here that among the growing number of covid patients, the occupancy of ventilators in government hospitals in Punjab has already reached 96%.

According to official figures, the seizure of beds in intensive care and highly dependent units of public sector hospitals in Lahore was alarming. The public is finding it difficult to get ventilators in eight hospitals in Punjab reserved for corona virus patients.

Statistics show that 80 of Mayo Hospital’s 84 ventilators are currently in use by critically ill patients. Services Hospital also has 32 ventilators for COVID critical patients.

All ventilators designated for acute patients of covid in Kot Khawaja Saeed and Mian Nawaz Sharif (One Gate). At present, 33 out of 40 ventilators in Jinnah Hospital are occupied, 28 out of 30 ventilators in General Hospital and 16 out of 20 ventilators in Ganga Ram Hospital have also been seized.

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