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New passport fees announced by Pakistani embassy in Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh, February 23: The Pakistani Embassy in Saudi Arabia has announced new fees for new or renewed passports in Saudi Arabia.

The announcement follows a notification from the Interior Ministry calling for a 50 per cent reduction in the fee for a 10-year valid passport.

According to the embassy, ​​a valid ten-year passport (normal) with 36 pages will now cost 126 Saudi riyals, while 210 riyals is urgently needed. There is no change in the fee for a 36 -page passport of year five.

The 10-year passport (normal) fee of 72 pages has been reduced to 232 riyals while that of urgent to 378 riyals. The fee for a 200-page passport (normal) has been reduced to 252 while that of urgent to 502.

A person who lost his 10-year passport for the first time will have to pay another 252 riyals to get a new passport and in the case of urgent 420 riyals.

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