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Google Docs is adding a new “new” to immovable comments so they are easy to place.

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February 22:  Google is adding a new badge to unread comments in documents on the web that will be marked with a blue dot. After hovering over them, they will expand to show the word ‘new’ (see below). Once you click on a comment to indicate that it has been noticed, the badge will disappear.

Emphasizes the new activity of commenting on a blue perspective since the last time you viewed the document.

For comments in history, a new filtering option is being added that will show you comments that have been addressed directly to you, comments that have been resolved, and all comments are undivided. Are

Both of these new additions help users navigate large documents easily into new discussions and debates – especially between epidemics where many people are working together on a single document or in the same place. At least working on, these are welcome changes! Neither admins nor end users need to do anything to get these new features up and running – well, wait.

Rapid release domains should start seeing both new teams in the next two weeks, while scheduled release domains will have to wait a bit longer – in the two weeks from March 15, 2020. Oh, and guess what? It’s also available to regular Google Account users! It’s always a good day when Google implements workspace tools for regular people at the same time.

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